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Queer Lakbay - 2022 Tee

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Queer Lakbay Summit - 2022 Tee

Pick up this limited edition Queer Lakbay Summit 2022 Tee to wear during PRIDE Month and every other month after that! 

Pronounced Lock-Bye, our Queer Lakbay Summit celebrates the idea of reflecting on the role of the "self" in relation to expressing our Queerness at work, school and community. Lakbay is also the Tagalog word for "Journey". We recognize that we all have individual journeys toward and with our Queerness - and in that, we uplift, amplify and honor everyone's distinct, unique and beautiful Lakbay. #PRIDE #LGBTQ+ #Queer


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Lakbay Tees Returning June 2022

We didn't anticipate last year's popularity of our Lakbay Queer Summit tees! We'll be bringing a fresh batch to our site later this summer so you can wear yours to our Annual Lakbay Queer Summit. ;)

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